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VOLVO SCANNER Product Specification:


VOLVO SCANNER Description:

PC based code reader and live data scan tool for Volvo cars including 800 Series, C70, S40, V40, S70, V70, 900 series, S90 and V90


New Design! 232 Chipset based design

Works excellently volvo fault code reader 1.3 serial

version Serial port design, supports the most chanllenging time-critical application like serial EEPROM programming

Supported Software

OnBoardDiagnostics Versions 1.3

Volvo FCR Communication Interfaces to connect a Volvo Vehicle to a PC

What can this interface be used for

This interface (adapter) is used as an interface and an Serial cable to connect a volvo vehicle to a PC for on-board diagnostics (OBD). It is fully compatible with the diagnostic software version 1.3 from Volvo FCR. Volvo FCR is a software program that turns your PC into a sophisticated Volvo diagnostic tool.

Product Features and Benifits

-Supports Volvo FCR version 1.3 or older

-Precision-molded diagnostic connector made to fit all volvo vehicles, even those with tight trim around diagnostic socket

-LED light indicating communication status

-High quality UL certified Serial Cables (equivalent to CE)

-Built-in, Electronic Protection from the Aftermarket Radio Problem

What is Volvo FCR

Volvo FCR is a Windows-based Diagnostic Software for Volvo that emulates the functions of the dealers’ very expensive proprietary scan tools. As the first aftermarket Volvo-Tool, it has the following features

Volvo control module coverage includes

-Engine - Petrol and Diesel


-Automatic transmission

-SRS - airbag and other protection systems

-Driver and passenger seat memories

-Instruments, including service light reset

-Climate control - air conditioning



-Road traffic information

-Additional heater

How to Use

-For laptops and PCs, download the shareware 1.3

-Run it and follow the prompts to allow it to install itself.

Note You must install volvo FCR on your PC’s hard disk -- it will not work properly if you try running it directly from a floppy or CD. However, you can use a floppy or CD to move the distribution file from a PC with internet access to another PC that does not have internet access.

-Connect the interface between the computer and the car by plugging one end of the interface into a Serial (RS232) (or USB port ) on your PC and the other end directly into the OBD-II port present  passenger vehicles.

-Turn the car’s ignition switch ON. No need to start the engine.

-Start the Volvo  program,

-Now it works. Make sure the software can reliably access all the control modules that it should in your car.

What are the system and computer requirements

-A PC running Windows It is recommended to use at least a Pentium-100 (or AMD equivalent) with 16MB of RAM and Windows 95 or newer. Volvo FCR may work on some lesser PC’s, but anything less than the above recommendation is unsupported. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP are all fine. Available disk-space is a total non-issue, Volvo FCR requires less than 1 MB.



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